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Asian Greens Seeds - Bok Choy

Asian Greens Seeds - Bok Choy

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Brassica rapa

Bok choy, pak choy, pak choi, pok choy -  however you spell it, it makes a great stir fry! This non-heading Chinese cabbage grows in a beautiful vase-shaped rosette, with juicy and crunchy white stems and slightly peppery, glossy green leaves. There could hardly be an easier vegetable to grow. It matures quickly, is slow to bolt in hot weather, and cold-hardy too. It can be used raw, but is more often eaten cooked, benefitting from a sear and just a few minutes in the pan to soften the stems. Also makes great kimchi.

Bok choi is a great crop to direct-sow in the garden in late summer for fall greens. It can also be started indoors in spring, four weeks before your final frost date. Only plant out spring crops after all danger of cold weather has passed, as plants can be triggered to bolt (go to seed) when exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees F for an extended period. Bok choy prefers full sun and well-drained soil. It takes about 45 days to reach full size (about 12” tall and wide), but can be harvested earlier as baby greens if desired.

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