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Broccoli Seeds - Waltham 29

Broccoli Seeds - Waltham 29

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Brassica oleracea

This cold-hardy broccoli was released by the University of Massachusetts in 1950, and named for the town of Waltham, MA. It remains a favorite today for its large blue-green heads, long stems, and excellent frost-tolerance for fall harvest. It will bolt quickly in heat, so it’s not ideal for spring planting in Southern gardens.

Waltham 29 broccoli can be started in late July or August for fall harvest, either indoors or under shade cloth if you’re growing in a warm climate. Gardeners in Northern regions can also start a spring crop 6-8 weeks before last frost, and transplant out 2-3 weeks before last frost. Plants prefer full sun but can tolerate some shade, particularly in warm weather. Heads form in about 60 days from transplanting. 1.75 gram packet contains about 460 seeds.

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