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Carrot Seeds - Red Core Chantenay

Carrot Seeds - Red Core Chantenay

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Daucus carota

HEIRLOOM. This carrot gets sweeter with age - can the same be said for all of us? One only hopes. Regardless, this old favorite variety has a wide-shouldered, tapered shape (sometimes called “stump-rooted”) that holds up well in heavy soils, but its less-than-elegant shape belies a fine-grained texture, sweet flavor, and excellent storage quality. Roots grow 5-7" long and mature in about 70 days.

Red Core Chantenay carrots can be direct seeded in the garden as soon as the soil is workable in spring and in successions throughout the cool seasons. They prefer full sun and loose, well-drained soil. 1 gram packet contains approximately 815 seeds.

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