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Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting Seed - Mega Protein Crunch, ORGANIC

Sprouting Seed - Mega Protein Crunch, ORGANIC

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Mega Protein Crunch Blend Includes the Following Organic Sprouting Seeds: Adzuki, Garbanzo, Mung, Soy, Green Pea. If you haven't tried sprouting large bean seeds, you're missing out! Not only does the sprouting process make beans easier to digest and the nutrients more available to our bodies, it softens the texture just enough to give them a satisfying chewiness and a wonderful nutty flavor. While you can eat large bean seeds raw, cooking is recommended for safety. There are endless ways to enjoy them cooked though! We like them sautéed lightly with onions and added to rice, folded into baked goods, or steamed alongside our veggie of the day.  – 225 grams / 7.9 ounces 

Sprouts are a great healthy addition to salads, sandwiches, soups, baked goods, casseroles, smoothies, and juice!

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