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Flower Seed Mix - Partial Shade

Flower Seed Mix - Partial Shade

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Blend of annual and perennial wildflowers particularly suitable for a part sun garden. For easy planting, mix seed with a small amount of soil and spread evenly over site. Direct seed after danger of frost has passed. Planting rates - Per acre: 5-10 lbs. Per half acre or less: 4 oz/1000 sq. ft. Packet covers 32 sq. ft.

Includes: Garden Columbine, Shasta Daisy, Clarkia, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Rocket Larkspur, Sweet William, Annual Baby's Breath, Baby Blue Eyes, Corn Poppy, Purple Coneflower, Snapdragon, Johnny Jump-Up, Tussock Bellflower, Chinese houses.

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