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Collection Tin

Heirloom Victory Garden Collection Gift Tin

Heirloom Victory Garden Collection Gift Tin

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It's time to discover what made these your Grandparents' favorites! 10 varieties of tried and true veggies with stories as good as their flavors. They will leave you understanding why these have been passed down through the generations.

Collection Contains One Packet Each of: Bush Bean- Blue Lake 274; Carrot- Red Core Chantennay; Pickling Cucumber- Boston; Kale- Lacinato ORG; Lettuce- Green Oakleaf; Sweet Pepper- Corno di Torro Rosso; Spinach- Bloomsdale Long Standing; Summer Squash- Cocozelle Zucchini; Tomato- Black From Tula; Watermelon- Georgia Rattlesnake

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