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Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting Seed - Mung Bean, ORGANIC

Sprouting Seed - Mung Bean, ORGANIC

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A common sight in Asian stir fries, mung bean sprouts are a crisp, slightly nutty tasting addition to any meal. You'll usually find them labeled simply as "bean sprouts" in the supermarket. These are among the fastest beans and seeds to sprout; you can grow bean sprouts as quickly as one or two days. Unlike other sprouts where we may encourage a bit of light towards the end of the sprouting cycle to impart chlorophyll, Mung Beans should be grown in the dark because of their tendency to take on a bitter flavor when exposed to light. -  225 grams/7.9 ounce

    Sprouts are a great healthy addition to salads, sandwiches, soups, baked goods, casseroles, smoothies, and juice!

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