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Broccoli Raab Seeds - Spring Rapini, ORGANIC

Broccoli Raab Seeds - Spring Rapini, ORGANIC

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Brassica rapa

Broccoli raab, also known as rapini, doesn’t produce a large main head, but instead grows many small florets with a slightly nutty, asparagus-like flavor, along with abundant, zesty-flavored greens. Raab is technically not broccoli - it is actually more closely related to mustard greens or turnips, which is where its stronger flavor comes from. It offers the advantages of quicker maturity, a longer harvest window, and somewhat more disease resistance than broccoli. If rapini’s pungent flavor isn’t your thing, blanching the shoots in boiling water or cooking with an acid such as lemon juice or balsamic vinegar will cut down the bitter tones. Raab originated in Italy, and is a common and much-loved vegetable throughout Europe.

Spring Rapini is a cool season crop that can be direct-sown in the garden as soon as the soil is workable in spring, or in late summer for fall harvest. It prefers full sun but can handle a little shade. Shoots will be ready to harvest in around 55 days from sowing, but greens can be harvested at any stage. 1.75 gram packet contains about 780 seeds.

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